Lawn & Landscape Insect Control In TX

Custom Turf Services offers treatments to control a variety of lawn and landscape damaging insects as well as fire ants.

Custom Turf Services offers treatments to control Chinch Bugs, Grub Worms, Army Worms … and more

It can be difficult for the untrained individual to distinguish between turf damage caused by insect activity and turf damage caused by disease. While they are busy feeding on and destroying your lawn, lawn damaging insects such as chinch bugs and grub worms hide where they are not readily visible.

For help in finding and eliminating turf destroying insects before they have a chance to do real harm to your lawn, it is important to contact a turf professional at the first sign of turf discoloration. Custom Turf Services’ trained professionals can examine your lawn for damaging insects as well as disease activity (our inspections are always free), and recommend an appropriate course of treatment to stop lawn damage in its tracks.

Where turf damaging insects are found, Custom Turf Services has access to an array of insecticides and can recommend a product proven to be effective against the targeted pest.

But why wait for damage to appear? Custom Turf Services offers scheduled preventative grub control treatments that will help to eliminate grubs before they have a chance to work their destruction on your lawn. Contact Custom Turf Services to see if preventative grub control might be right for your lawn.

Custom Turf Services offers treatments to control Aphids, Scale, Spider Mites, Bag Worms, Boring Beetles … and more

With your choice of individually priced “a-la-carte” insect control treatments or year-round as-needed insect control treatments included as part of our Ornamental Program, Custom Turf Services offers insect control treatments for ornamentals.

Custom Turf Services’ experienced technicians can identify and treat for a wide range of insect and disease issues in your ornamentals. Whether your insect issue is aphids, scale, spider mites, bag worms, boring beetles, or other plant damaging insect, Custom Turf Services has the right insecticide product and the know-how to effectively target the responsible insect pest.


Tired of the constant chore of attacking one Ant Hill only to see another appear a few days later? Custom Turf Services’ professionals can help take care of this problem for you. We perform the most comprehensive and effective fire ant control available in North Texas, with a single treatment guaranteed to keep fire ants away for a full year. Contact us now for a free quote.




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Custom Turf Services proudly serves communities in Collin, Dallas, Denton and Tarrant Counties in the Dallas/Forth Worth area of Texas.