Turf Treatments

Custom Turf Services’ Standard Turf Program covers all fertilization and weed control needs for the typical yard. Expert technicians use the best turf products available, applying them timely and properly. And because our focus is on your lawn and not on production quotas, we’ll take the time to make sure your lawn is properly and thoroughly treated at each visit so you get consistently high quality results.

Miscellaneous Seeding & Grass Treatments

  Grass Seeding   Custom Turf Services offers seeding with Bermuda or Fescue grass to repair thin or bare areas. For larger areas or for hydromulch applications, Custom Turf Services works with a number of other companies and can recommend the most suitable company for your needs.   Non-selective Vegetation Control   Bare Ground Treatments […]

Professional Turf Care. Outstanding Results

Professional Turf Care. Outstanding Results. Custom Turf Services offers a comprehensive menu of lawn and landscape treatment services to help keep lawns and landscapes healthy and weed free. Turf Program   Beautiful, Healthy, Weed-Free Lawns Custom Turf Services’ Standard 8-Round Turf Program covers all fertilization and weed control needs for the typical North Texas Lawn. […]

Ornamental Tree & Shrub Care

Ornamental Program.  COMPREHENSIVE, YEAR-ROUND ORNAMENTAL TREE & SHRUB CARE   Custom Turf Services offers a seven-round ornamental program. This program includes seven visits annually to inspect and treat ornamental trees, shrubs and shrub beds in order to provide them with comprehensive year-round care. With this program, you get treatments to protect your ornamentals from insects […]

Fertilization Treatments

Fertilization Treatments. Like every living thing, your lawn and landscape need nourishment to survive. Most soils naturally contain enough nutrients for plants to get by, but for them to thrive it is often necessary to supplement existing nutrients. Proper fertilization will help ensure that your lawn and landscape stay healthy and looking their best. Fertilization Services […]

Weed Control

Weed Control. Tired of ugly weeds in your lawn or planting beds? Custom Turf Services can eliminate those weeds for you. Turf Weed Control Year-round weed control in turf areas is included as part of Custom Turf Services’ Turf Program, with no extra charge for difficult weeds like dallisgrass or nutsedge. For customers who want […]

Insect Control

Lawn and Landscape Insect Control. Custom Turf Services offers treatments to control a variety of lawn and landscape damaging insects as well as fire ants. LAWN DAMAGING INSECTS Custom Turf Services offers treatments to control Chinch Bugs, Grub Worms, Army Worms … and more It can be difficult for the untrained individual to distinguish between […]

Disease Control

Lawn and Landscape Disease Control. Like people, lawns and other landscape plants can suffer from bacterial, fungal, and even viral infections. Custom Turf Services offers preventative treatments to help keep plant diseases from invading your lawn and landscape in the first place, and curative treatments to help resolve diseases once they have occurred. Disease Control […]

Core Aeration

Custom Turf Services offers core aeration service for your lawn. What is core aeration? Core aeration is the process of removing plugs or “cores” of soil and thatch from a lawn in order to make thousands of small holes across the lawn. Why Aerate? Soil may become compacted to the point that it is too […]

Beautiful, Healthy Lawns

Custom Turf Services’ Standard Turf Program covers all fertilization and weed control needs for the typical lawn and you get consistently high quality results.

No Hidden or Surprise Fees

When we quote a price for a fertilization and weed control program, that’s the price. Plain and simple. There is no extra charge for difficult to kill weeds.

No Contracts

As with all of our services, there is no fixed term contract or minimum commitment so you may cancel at any time.



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Custom Turf Services proudly serves communities in Collin, Dallas, Denton and Tarrant Counties in the Dallas/Forth Worth area of Texas.